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Mamre Blue Coffee- Newest 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Line

Mamre Blue Estate was approved as a Special Coffee Dealers and Trademark User Licensee in January 2021, by Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA), the regulatory body for Blue Mountain Coffee in Jamaica. This body administer a stringent process to maintain the quality of the product. The dominant variety of coffee found in the Blue Mountains is the Arabica Typica, it is grown in ideal climatic conditions, at very high altitudes, on rich soil, with a slow ripening period of 10 months. The resulting effect, is a perfect cherry coffee, when processed and roasted, releases the finest aroma, mild, polished flavor, smooth, clean taste with little bitterness. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee has the reputation as the world’s best tasting coffee.`

Mamre Blue Coffee is grown in the Jamaica Blue Mountain region and lives up to its coffee’s reputation. Treat yourself to this delicious single estate coffee, available as single serve pods in 12 count boxes. The pods are compatible with most coffee brewers. The complete Mamre Blue Coffee line, consist of, roasted & ground and whole beans products in one and half pound packages, these will be available soon.



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